GG ALLIN LYRICS "No Limits No Laws"

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GG ALLIN LYRICS "No Limits No Laws"

I believe in testing all limits of life and laws
Comfort and conformity are my two biggest enemies
The slicing taste of torture and pain
Should be your own territorial landfill
Sever the ties of doubt and contradiction
Misery will create vital fulfillment and excitement
When you realize the wonderful grave you are in reality creating
Being on a constant death trip
Enhances your life
Fear nothing but stagnation
I myself welcome a violent death
As a climatic end
To a beautifully dangerous existence
Cause when you seriously seek death
You then accelerate life
No limits or boundaries should be posted
Your life should be set specifically
With castration and mutilated thoughts
The flesh trickling blood’s flow
Should be set to explode
On any given notice
We should enjoy our pain
And lasting dying breaths
Always enjoy our pain
Welcome them as a homecoming
To the always existing flames from beyond
That welcome you
Into rape corpse fucking
Rejoice your ending
And self murder
Until the last drops of blood
Are spilt



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