GG ALLIN LYRICS "Murder For The Mission - Terrorist Anarchy"

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GG ALLIN LYRICS "Murder For The Mission - Terrorist Anarchy"

Sacrifice your blood and others for the cause
Rape kill and torture young girls and boys
Attack the masses execute them now
Accelerate disorder for the rock ‘n’ roll underground

Rock ‘n’ roll murderers will be our label
And everyone’s terror will feed our table
Overthrow the current state of rock
It’s time for a bloody violent onslaught

We the terrorists must do our will
If we kill let us kill
The world could use some thinning out
The terrorist anarchy figure it out

We must be ruthless in our actions
Bombs and brains eliminate captives
Murder the members of the PMRC
Murder the brainwashed at MTV
Murder the business corporate labels
Murder the fans that feed their tables



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  • February 16, 2016 12:17 pm
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