GG ALLIN LYRICS "Kill, Kill, Kill"

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GG ALLIN LYRICS "Kill, Kill, Kill"

Lice infested tenements in skull’s head growing
As deformed patches of my mind spin simultaneously
Distant wharf rats gather for gutter’s feast
Ablaze machine gun fire
From cities under siege
Dried blood sweet rivers flow sweetly
Look up to me when speaking my friend, black shadow and I
Because we detest what you fucking say and represent
I’m equipped with excessive tools of my trade
Bitch motherfucker
Torture pain
Torture pain
Torture pain
Don’t straddle the fence of mediocrity
Don’t do it
Kill with a quickness when betrayed
Because to me and to all it should be
Love and death
Are equal gestures of passion
As my guns speak louder than words
Sever the ties of doubt and contradiction
Dying sent of glory glory glory
Do you remember me
Me yeah me
Jesus from mother’s cunt
As normal as the boy next door
Come in
Enter my dark room
Thank you please
Thank you please
Thank you I’ll slice your fucking throat
And please I’ll fucking slice your whole fucking existence
Thank you
But maybe maybe
Maybe you should have inquired about the boy
Fierce intense triggers
Fierce intense triggers
Spinning around the machine gun in my mind
Now lie waiting awaiting
Planes Greyhounds
How will I get there
It does not matter
As a massacre is coming to your town
See ya there



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