Evil Conduct Lyrics "ONE OF THE BOYS"

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Evil Conduct Lyrics "ONE OF THE BOYS"

When we were young, this is nothing new
Nicked from time to time by the fucking boys in blue
We didn´t care, didn´t give a shit
Didn´t have no future, no matter what we did

One of the boys, one of the boys, one of the boys
I know that you and I, will be mates until we die

I´m telling you, he will always be
More than just a friend, we´re as close as family
And when I´m down, he will pull me through
He will do the things that he feels he´s got to do

The suddenly he said goodbye
He met a girl and moved away
But it´s over now, he´s full of misery
We´ll cheer him up coz he´ll always be
One of the boys, one of the boys

But now he´s back, making lots of noise
Going down the pub, heavy drinking with the boys
The memories, I bet you´ll understand
Take us back in time, like we´re teenagers again



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