Evil Conduct Lyrics "Home Sweet Home"

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Evil Conduct Lyrics "Home Sweet Home"

These are the streets where I grew up
It´s been a while and things have changed a lot
But when I´m back, the memories, they all come back again
All these stories that are filled with sentiment

Don´t get me wrong coz I can see
Their narrow minds and their hypocracy
It makes me puke, I just can´t stand this shit mentality
It´s not all as nice it may seem to be

Is this the place where I wanna be?
The place that call home
Is this really where I wanna be?
The place that I call home

When I´m abroad and on my own
I start to think about the things back home
I am not blind, I won´t forget how sitty things can be
I´m just thinking of my friends and family



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